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The Resilience Resource Center

Our Center

WIN Resilience Resource Center improves life circumstances through safety, peer-leadership, and well-trained staff. The center is a place where women and members of the LQBTQ2S+ community can be themselves and be treated with respect and dignity. WIN Recovery provides gender-responsive, evidence-based, trauma-informed programs. Supports include service navigation and resources to meet individualized self-identified needs. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services and resources through rituals of care and attentiveness to individual life challenges that they face.

One of the most important, if not the most important part of reentry is your mental health! That is why the Resilience Resource Center is equipped with a fully stocked meditation room. It includes a chaise lounge, yoga mats, muscle foam rollers, tea, a coffee maker, incense, journals, and much more. We strive to host therapy groups sessions here to help individuals psychologically.

The Meditation Room

At the Resilience Resource Center we understand the importance of parenting, particularly for formerly incarcerated women who are trying to gain access to their kids again. Which is why the Resilience Resource Center has our very own Children's room! Our children's room is sensory based. It is equipped with books, coloring books, colors, toys, stuff animals, a white board, markers, tic-tac-toe and much more! Children are more than welcomed to play there while you handle what you need to in our center.

The Children's Room


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621 S. Plymouth Court Chicago,

Il 60605 Unit 100

(872) 283-1305

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