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Reentry and recovery are multifaceted. Reentry looks different for every individual but the fundamental needs include housing, employment, healthcare, clothing & food security, amenities, support systems, and substance recovery. WIN Recovery's mission is to provide these essential needs to formerly incarcerated Women and LQBTQ2S+ individuals. For instance, through our Resilience Resource Center we provide housing, utilities, family reunification, public transport, life skills training, child care, mental health support, legal assistance, and trauma-informed training to name a few.

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Recovery Guidance

Recovery is our main priority at the Resilience Resource Center. We guide each individual to their own recovery needs. Meaning it is personalized for every individual.

Wrap Around Services

What makes the Resilience Resource Center different from other "reentry" programs is that we offer wrap around services. This includes justice services, family reunification, recovering ID, obtaining birth certificate, and much more.

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Family Reunification Services

We offer community building for families with members who are incarcerated. If their case allows them to, we can host supervised visits. Individuals are welcomed to hold their supervised visits at our Resilience Resource Center. We also aim to tailor parenting classes for each individual need.


We provide community safe spaces for  uncomfortable conversations to cut recidivism. At the Resilience Resource Center we understand that around 173,000 people in Illinois are incarcerated annually, our goal is to cutting decrease the number of incarceration. We do this by providing a safe space for people to heal through our SAFE houses.

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Mental Health Support

One of the most important, if not the most important part of reentry is your mental health! That is why the Resilience Resource Center is equipped with a fully stocked meditation room. It includes a chaise lounge, yoga mats, muscle foam rollers, tea, a coffee maker, incense, journals, and much more. We strive to host therapy groups sessions here to help individuals psychologically.

Health Education

Everyone's health needs are different, therefore we work with each individual to provide them with the specific service they need. We provide health education which encompasses environmental health, physical health, social health, emotional health, intellectual health, spiritual health, sexual and reproductive health. We find healthcare providers or dental service specific to each individual's needs.

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WIN Recovery is part of the SAFE House network. Meaning we offer homes not facilities! We believe that reentry means having a place to go back that is safe for recovery.  We help individuals find their place for recovery. We help individuals seek out housing that works for their particular circumstance. 

Trauma-Informed Training

Our team at the Resilience Resource Center is skilled to offer trauma-informed training when needed. We also work with our trusted partners for cases beyond our scope. We offer healing or "trauma" circles for the community and create safe spaces to host uncomfortable conversations.

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Triage Care

Triage care can include an array of resources and amenities. At the Resilience Resource Center we offer amenities for individual's become their best healthy self. This includes hygiene products, deodorant, toothpaste, pads, tampons, diapers, soap, etc. We include items that will increase self-esteem and self-awareness. Anything we do not have we will do our best to obtain it.

Legal Assistance

The Resilience Resource Center provides a justice coordinator when individuals have a felony or misdemeanor. We offer clemency forms, mitigation packages, justice avocation, expungement, and help getting felonies off your record. We work with each individual to provide them with the adequate services they need.

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Case Management

We offer case management as our foundational support for formerly incarcerated individuals. Our intakes assess what services an individual might need for a successful recovery; while identifying and prioritizing any immediate needs. Although we provide our expertise, we ensure to always listen to the needs an individual is seeking. 


WIN help individuals with the development of goal planning and assist with goal attainment. We also offer mentorship tailored to individuals.

Continuum of Care Service

Part of the problem with reentry programs is that once a person has completed the program they are no longer checking in. Our motto is different we believe in a continuum of care service. This means we do not leave anyone behind. We provide check-ins with clients and continue to be advocates to our WIN family even after our program is completed.

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Transportation Assistance

We are proud to offer transportation services to anyone in. need, particularly those who live in the city. We provide bus passes, train services, seated service forms, helping individual's obtain their ID; we even help with citizenship status.

General Household Items

Just like our SAFE Homes, the Resilience Resource Center is also stocked with basic household items which can be difficult to obtain at times as a formerly incarcerated individual. This includes cleaning products, detergent, sanitizing wipes, hygiene products, deodorant, kitchenware, soap, bottles, etc.

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Everyone's needs are different, therefore we work with each individual to

provide them with the adequate services they need!

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