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About Us

The WIN Resilience Resource Center improves life circumstances through safety, peer-leadership, and well-trained staff. The center is a place where women and members of the LQBTQ2S+ community can be themselves and be treated with respect and dignity. The Resilience Resource Center provides gender-responsive, evidence-based, trauma-informed programs. Supports include service navigation and resources to meet individualized self-identified needs. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services and resources through rituals of care and attentiveness to individual life challenges that they face.

Meet The Team


Bethany Little

Founder and Chief

Executive Officer

Office: 872-283-1305


Blake Boswell

Chief Quality Officer

Office: 872-283-1305


Vanessa Dallas

Center Administrator

Office: 872-283-1305


Yanet Gonzalez

Facilities and Support

Services Manager

Office: 872-283-1700


Raylan Gilford

Justice Advocacy Coordinator

Office: 872-283-1305

IMG_5153 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Connor Bolden

Center Facilitator

Office: 872-283-1305



Family Reunification Developer

Office: 773-571-9086


Gina Robinson

Safe Client Coordinator

Office: 773-571-6331


Gerardo Gonzalez

Fundraising Developer

Office: 773-571-0549


Chyenne Spears

In honor of her service here at WIN. Thank you.

Learn More About Bethany

Bethany Little was inspired to make a change due to her own experience with the criminal justice system. She began to pursue transitional housing for women and the LGBTQ population who were being discharged from treatment or released from incarceration. Today, Bethany is the founder and president of Women in Need (WIN) Recovery, a SAFE Housing Network member. Through WIN, Bethany builds an environment based on love and trust, allowing residents to move forward with their lives. Bethany envisions WIN Recovery homes throughout Illinois. She hopes to invest in other people’s dreams the way Ms. Burton invested in hers.

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