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WIN Women Care

WIN Women Care (WWC) is a peer led program supporting survivors of violence. At WWC our mission is to provide a safe environment for women to learn to overcome the trauma in their lives caused by violence.


What we offer ...

A safe space will be provided to understand and heal from the trauma we have experienced, allowing us to build healthy and long lasting connections with other survivors, and to gain power to overcome our fear and insecurities caused by our trauma.

About Us

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My name is Kimberly and I am a survivor. I was a victim of domestic abuse as well as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. I have sold my body for the sake of survival while in the grip of a powerful drug addiction and trapped in a repetitive cycle of incarceration. I no longer let my past define me. I have taken back control of my life and I have found a passion to help other women like me overcome their fear and rediscover their passion for life. W.W.C. gives me the opportunity to reach out and help women like me learn to live again. I implore you to come and join us and find your voice again.

Kimberly Gadeberg

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My name is Cheryl B. and I endured abuse of many different forms throughout my life. However, today I am learning how to live life on life’s terms through trauma healing and the N.A. way. I would like to reach as many women as possible to give them the information, referrals, and support they need to empower themselves to never be a victim again.

Cheryl Bradley

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I'm Angela S. I once was a victim of all sorts of violence, no longer am I a victim I'm a survivor. No matter where we came from, it's where we're going.

We all can make it together. I'm God fearing, loving, kind, caring, considerate and compassionate in helping women like myself.

Angela Shelton


If you or someone you know is looking for our services, please feel free to reach out we are happy to help!

Phone: (773)-848-0655

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